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Tytin Ear Drop

Tytin Ear Drop

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Information about Tytin Ear Drop

Tytin Ear Drop mainly contains Tyrothricin, Benzocaine, Antipyrine, Alcohol, Hexylresorcinol and Propylene glycol.

Benzocaine is mainly used to remove pain, minor skin irritations, and is effective against growth of various bacterias. Tytin drops is also used to provide deodorant, disinfectant of ear and in treatment of various ear infections and ear itching.

It may cause burning sensation, redness in affected part, stinging sensation or sensitivity, sleeplessness, vomiting, allergic skin rashes etc.

Directions of use:
About 2-3 drops of Tytin Drops should be inserted in ear by tilting the face in opposite direction in order to reach the drops to affected portion.

Use under Medical supervision
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