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Tecliv P Syrup contains Arogyavardhani ras, Punarnava, Bhringraj, Mandur bhasma, Kalmegh, and Chirayata.

Role of active ingredients:
Arogyavardhani ras is used in the treatment of acute and chronic fever, obesity, liver disorders, anorexia.
Punarnava helps in improving the liver functioning and also the respiratory health.
Bhringraj is used for relieving ringworm, alopecia, spleen and liver enlargement, jaundice and hepatitis.
Mandur bhasma, also known as Ferric Oxide Calx, is used for their patients with menorrhagia, kidney problems, enlarged spleen, dyspepsia, nervous system disorders, anemia, edema related to liver problems, chlorosis, sexual edisabilities, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, neuralgia of the 5th nerve secondary to debility, intestinal worms, diseases of the liver and spleen, amenorrhea, albuminuria, chronic bowel problems, and jaundice.
Kalmegh has hepatoprotective activity, relieves symptoms of jaundice, and other liver disorders.
Chirayata is used as hepatoprotective and is beneficial for the liver.

Tecliv P Syrup is used for:
Liver Protection ,
Loss of Appetite,
Alcoholic Liver ,
As an adjunct with Antibiotics

Use under medical supervision.


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