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Sumbone Tablet

Information about Sumbone Tablet

Sumbone Tablet contains Calcitriol - 0.25 mcg, Calcium Carbonate - 500 mg, Vitamin K2 - 7 mg, Zinc Sulphate - 7.5 mg, Potassium Citrate - 0.8 mg, and Magnesium - 100 mg.

Role of key ingredients:
Calcitriol controls calcium and phosphorous levels in the body. It also helps in mineralization of bones.
Calcium carbonate treats calcium deficiency as in such cases body take calcium from bones, thereby weakening bones.
Vitamin K2 keeps the bones strong and healthy.
Zinc sulphate helps to treat zinc deficiencies in the human body thereby help in the growth and development of body tissues.
Potassium citrate increase the bone density.
Magnesium improves bones strength.
Sumbone Tablet treats osteoarthritis. It strengthens the bones and also help in regular health maintenance.

Directions of use:
Take Sumbone Tablet three times a day orally with water.

Use under medical supervision.

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