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Sulabh Enema Liquid

Sulabh Enema Liquid


Information about Sulabh Enema Liquid

Sulabh Enema Liquid is an anorectal preparation indicated for relief of constipation. Sulabh Enema contains glycerin 15 % w/v, and sodium chloride 15 % w/v.

Sodium chloride in hypertonic concentration which increases osmolarity in the intestine thereby stimulating bowel movement. Glycerin acts as a hyperosmotic laxative, it draws water in to the intestine.
Stools are generally passed within 15 to 60 minutes of dosing. Sulabh Enema is a better alternative when compared with oral laxatives as it acts locally, has no side effects and ensures prompt and complete evacuation of the bowels. Sulabh Enema is indicated for relief of constipation, emptying of the gastrointestinal tract prior to surgery or diagnostic services.

Directions of use:
Gently insert the lubricated nozzle into the anal opening and squeeze the container till the solution is emptied into the rectum.

Use under medical supervision
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