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Recaldent GC Tooth Mousse Toothpaste Mint

Recaldent GC Tooth Mousse Toothpaste Mint


40 gm Toothpaste

Information about Recaldent GC Tooth Mousse Toothpaste Mint

Recaldent GC Mousse toothpaste contains Recaldent as a milk-derived protein that restores the minerals in one teeth. This improves upon how strong the teeth are and can also reduce the overall risk of tooth decay. It especially helps with delivering existing calcium and phosphorous supplies to the teeth, thus strengthening them over time. The GC toothpaste can be used multiple times in a day and will work well alongside other dental care products. The Recaldent toothpaste product especially works in cases where acids in the mouth might be too prominent and can keep traditional toothpaste materials from working right.

Steps for using a toothpaste:
Clean a soft/medium bristle toothbrush under running water
Apply generous amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush
Brush teeth for at least 2 minutes
Gently brush over the sensitive areas

Use under medical supervision
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