Q Lax Syrup

Information about Q Lax Syrup

Q Lax Syrup contains Liquid paraffin, Magnesium hydroxide, Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose and, Simethicone as main active ingredients.

Role of active ingredients:
Liquid paraffin acts as lubricant and keeps the stool soft, useful in treatment of constipation, anal fissure, haemorrhoids and in painful conditions of anus.
Milk of Magnesia (magnesium hydroxide) is a medication used to treat constipation. It's a type of laxative known as an oral osmotic; it works by drawing water into the colon from the body tissues surrounding it. This allows the stool to pass more easily. Milk of Magnesia can also be used as an antacid. It can help relieve heartburn, sour stomach, and acid indigestion.
Sodium carboxymethylcellulose can be used as an adjunct in the treatment of hemorrhoids and proctitis.
Simethicone is used to relieve painful pressure caused by excess gas in the stomach and intestines. Simethicone is an anti-foaming agent that decreases the surface tension of gas bubbles, causing them to combine into larger bubbles in the stomach that can be passed more easily, Simethicone can relieve pain caused by gas in the intestines by decreasing foaming, which then allows for easier passing of flatulence.

Q Lax Syrup is a digestive aid which provides relief from indigestion, hyperacidity and gas It also forms an emollient gel that facilitates the passage of intestinal contents and stimulates bowel movement.

Use under medical supervision.

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