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Planet Ayurveda Shatavari

Planet Ayurveda Shatavari

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Information about Planet Ayurveda Shatavari

Planet Ayurveda Shatavari Capsules contain 500 mg standardized extract in vegetarian capsules without any preservatives or chemicals or raw herbs. It is purely an effective herbal supplement for improving the overall health of females especially after childbirth and to improve breast milk production.
Benefits of Planet Ayurveda Shatavari:
Fatigue, anxiety in females, general weakness, restlessness in females. It is free from hormones and works naturally to give strength to the female reproductive system and natural cycles.
Useful in anemia, painful menstruation, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, irregular painful menstruation.
Menopause, Weak bones in females, Low bone density.
It does not impair any hormonal balance and can be used along with other ongoing medicines.
Directions of use:
1-2 capsules twice on a daily basis with meals. Allow few weeks for long lasting benefits. Natural products treat not just the symptoms but the body as an entire and take time for absorption and results.
Use under medical supervision.
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