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Planet Ayurveda Kaas-Har Churna contains Mishri, Vanshlochan, Pippali, Ela,  Dalchini etc. Kaas-Har Churna can be used to relieve any type of a cough and cold. It is effective to prevent frequent attacks of a cough and cold. All the herbs used in the formulation of this medicine work in a synergetic manner and relieve symptoms of a cough and cold. All these herbs have been used for hundreds of years in the Indian Ayurvedic system for the management of a cough and cold.
Benefits of Ayurveda Kaas-Har Churna:
This herbal formulation has several properties which are useful in eliminating certain diseases caused due to infections in the chest, cold, and cough or even bronchial conditions. 
It is an effective Pitta and Kapha suppressant and keeps the respiratory tract clean.
Kaas-Har Churna is an Ayurvedic herbal powder which effectively relieves all kinds of cold and cough. As the medicine has been prepared from natural herbs, it is very safe to use and does not cause side effects.
Directions of use:
One or two teaspoonfuls of this powder should be consumed along with plain water. For better results, it is better to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner. 
Use under medical supervision.


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