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Piles Cure Tablet

Piles Cure Tablet

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Information about Piles Cure Tablet

Piles cure tablets contain naturally occurring ingredients like Haridra and piipali which soothe the symptoms associated with the Piles (Hemorrhoids).
Role of key Ingredients:
Haridra helps in improving digestion and cleansing the intestinal track hence increasing the rate of metabolic functions.Its anti-inflammatory property causes fewer gas troubles with lesser side effects.
Piipali is a root extract of long pepper plant which cures constipation and digestive disorders. It helps in controling bloat and anorexia.
Together they inhibit burning sensation on the inner rectal lining. Piles cure tablets are an effective and safe way of treating and controlling internal hemorrhoids. 
Directions of use:
Consume 1-2 tablets after a meal or as advised by an ayurvedic practitioner. Always wash down the medication with a full glass of water.
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