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(10 tablets in strip)
Product Details
Phytocid-GT is used in the treatment of indigestion and gas in a natural way. 
PhytocidTM-GT harnesses the synergistic power of Turmeric (Haridra) & Zingiber Officinale plant actives.It has been developed using AlchemLife’s proprietary PhytoAdvanceTM technology for faster and higher bioavailability. 
Curcumin,the active ingredient in Turmeric (Haridra), has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant.
Ginger has gingerols which help reduce inflammation and irritation, absorbs excess stomach acid and aids in proper digestion. It also plays an important role in pushing the food through bowels fast and thus prevents the unwanted formation of gas in the stomach.
It has been clinically proven to promote gastric emptying, inhibit the growth of all H.pylori bacteria strains and correct the sign and symptoms of gastric disorders. It helps prevention and treatment of indigestion & gas by providing the triple action benefits of:
 Anti-Microbial Action
 Anti-inflammatory Action
 Anti-peristaltic Action
Use under medical supervision.


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