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Pearlwhite Soap
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Pearl White Soap contains Titanium Dioxide, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel and Hydroquinone.

Pearl White Soapis helpful in lightening the skin by causing the depigmentation of the patches present on skin. Also, reduces the scars and gives radiance to the skin. They also protect the skin from harmful radiations of sun, while doing so, it retains the moisture of the skin and keeps it soft and smooth. It also prevents the formation of melanin giving natural fairness to the skin.

Benefits of Pearl White Soap:
Lighten pigmented patches on skin,
Remove scars and provide whiteness to the skin.
Protects from sun burn, provide natural fairness to the skin.
Act as a moisturiser, imparts glossy shine to skin.

Pearl White Soap is used for skin lightening, treatment of sunburns, scars, pigmentation.

Use under medical supervision
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