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Oxyvit Plus  Tablet

Oxyvit Plus Tablet

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Information about Oxyvit Plus Tablet

Oxyvit Plus Tablets contain Copper 0.9 mg, Magnesium 60 mg, Selenium 55 mcg, Zinc 10 mg, Folic Acid - 100 mcg, Methylcobalamin 1 mcg, Vitamin B1 1.2 mg, Vitamin A 600 mcg, Vitamin B2 1.4 mg, Vitamin B3 16 mg, Vitamin C 40 mg, Vitamin B5 4.5 mg, Vitamin B6 1.2 mg, and Vitamin E 10 mg.

Role of key ingredients:
Copper maintains red blood cell count.
Magnesium aids in calcium absorption and strengthening of bones.
Selenium increases the effectiveness of antioxidants and makes physical processes work properly.
Zinc is required for the formation of red blood cells.
Folic Acid is used for breaking down, use and creation of new proteins in the body.
Methylcobalamin increases physical energy, encourages detoxification and supports nerve and brain health.
Multivitamins are essential for proper development and growth, and for protection against deficiencies.

Oxyvit Plus Tablets are nutritional supplements that build immunity, and protect and strengthen the body.

Use under medical supervision.

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