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Oxyneuron-OD Capsule

Oxyneuron-OD Capsule

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Information about Oxyneuron-OD Capsule

Oxyneuron OD Capsules contains Alpha lipoic acid, Calcium pantothenate, Folic acid, Glutamic acid, Mecobalamin, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin and Thiamine.

Benefits of key ingredients:
Methylcobolamin (also called as mecobalamin/ Vitamin B12) is a natural coenzyme to Vitamin B12. It is used to treat several nutritional deficiencies. It also has analgesic properties therefore has been used in several painkillers as well. It helps in improving the nervous system by providing better nerve cell support.
Vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine, is involved integral cellular processes such as myelin formation and formation of chemicals involved in signal transmission to the brain.
Calcium Pantothenate, also called as Vitamin B5, is used in combination with other Vitamin B complexes. The supplement helps in averting the onset of dietary deficiencies. Featured with anti-oxidant properties, it helps in effectively utilising the diifferent food forms ingested for healthy skin and body. The body also uses it to make new blood cells, hormonal and stress related hormones.
Folic Acid, a type of Vitamin B, helps in the production and maintenance of new cells and also helps in the prevention of changes in the DNA. It treats the folic acid deficiency and maintains the balance of the vitamins.
Alpha Lipoic Acid prevents plaque formation in the arteries by preventing LDL oxidation.

Oxyneuron OD Capsule reduces the major risk factors for Atherosclerosis. Useful in various Neuropathies like Diabetic Neuropathy, Alcoholic Neuropathy, Drug-induced Neuropathy, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Sciatica. Also useful in reducing homocysteine levels.

Use under medical supervision

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