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Oxiret Tablet

Information about Oxiret Tablet

Oxiret Tablet is a Multivitamin, and Antioxidant preparation contain Beta-carotene, Bilberry extract, Zinc, L-glutamic acid, Lutein, Selenium, and Vitamin C.
Oxiret Tablet is a powerful antioxidant preparation used for heart and blood vessel conditions including Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease.
Beta-carotene is a provitamin of vitamin A which is responsible for improving vision, proper functioning of the skin, development and functioning of the layer of skin known as epithelium. Beta-carotene is a very powerful antioxidant which kills the free radicals and reduce the oxidative stress, which may damage the structure of cell membrane and cause uncontrolled cell division.
Selenium and Zinc are diet aids used to help growth and good health. Zinc is involved in a number of body enzyme functions. It is important for wound healing and for the senses of taste and smell.
Oxiret Tablet is ideal for improves venous tone, prevents cardiovascular diseases, increases cellular energy levels
Use under medical supervision.
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