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Nucordial Syrup

Nucordial Syrup


Information about Nucordial Syrup

Nucordial Syrup contains Ayurvedic ingredients (Ashoka Chhal - 100 mg, Dashmool - 100 mg, Shatavari - 100 mg, Ashwagandha - 100 mg, Nagkesar - 50 mg, Ulat Kambal - 50 mg, Chikni Supari - 75 mg, Manjisht - 50 mg, Punarnava - 100 mg, Amla - 50 mg, Dhai Phool - 50 mg, Gokhshru - 30 mg, Suhaga - 25 mg, and Shudh Fitkari - 25 mg).

Ayurvedic ingredients are effective in treating uterine infection and prevent calculus deposition. It also treats abdominal discomfort, boosts system immunity, and eliminates toxins. Ayurvedic ingredients also helps maintain a healthy female reproductive system and assists in healthy flow of urine. Nucordial Syrup treats leucorrhoea weakness, and reduces vaginal infections. It also cures pain in lower abdomen, anaemia, and improves health and beauty of women.

Directions of use:
Take two to three teaspoons of Nucordial Syrup twice a day.

Use under medical supervision.
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