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Nourish Standard Sachet

Nourish Standard Sachet

400 gm Sachet

Information about Nourish Standard Sachet

Nourish Standard is a Nutritional supplement enriched with Carbohydrate, Fibre, Protein, and Fat. Nourish Plus helps in Growth health maintenance. Individuals & patients who are not able to take, digest or absorb normal food or who have special nutritional requirements as a results of metabolic disorders. Nourish contains specific nutrients, shown to be of benefit for the nutritional management of disease conditions. The contents of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements are adjusted according to the special needs of patients.

This nutritional supplement helps to fill up the protein gap in your daily diet. Our body requires nutrients on daily basis, Nourish Plus provides proper fat, protein and carbohydrate and converts calories into energy. Electrolyte helps in maintenance of water balance and distribution, acid-base balance, muscle and nerve cell function, heart function, kidney and adrenal function.

Use under medical supervision.
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