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Moha Nail Care Cream

Moha Nail Care Cream

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100 gm Cream

Information about Moha Nail Care Cream

Moha Nail Care Cream contains almond and flaxseed oil.
Almond oil softens cuticles and keeps the nails moist. Flaxseed oil improves healthy nail growth as it includes omega-3 fatty acids to help with the body's ability to manage growing nail cells.
The cream is used to keep the skin healthy by softening the cuticles. This in turn keeps them from becoming overly brittle, preventing unnecessary and painful breakage.

Directions of use:
Moha Nail Care Cream is to be applied on the nails and nail bases after they are cleaned off.
It should be massaged into the nails to allow the easy absorption of the creams components.

Use under medical supervision.
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