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    Memory Support

    (60 capsules in packet)
    Memory Support
    Product Details
    Memory Formula contains Brahmi, Vacha, Shankhpushpi, Licorice. Memory Formula contains best Herbs for Memory and a best among other memory enhancing herbal supplements. The herbs also act together to induce natural sleep without any side effects. This makes Memory Formula capsules as one of the best Herbal Remedies for Memory and natural sleep inducing herbs.
    Benefits of key Ingredients:
    Brahmi: It is very useful in many mental illnesses also. Regular use also helps in stress, anxiety, blood pressure, hallucinations and epilepsy.
    Vacha: The root of this herb is useful in treating many mind disorders and increases the speaking ability, speech coordination, and memory power.
    Shankhpushpi: It relieves mental stress, controls blood pressure and also improves mind's ability.
    Directions of use:
    1 - 2 capsules twice daily or as directed by the Physician.
    Use under medical supervision.


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