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LP #628 Maxtaping A (Single) M

LP #628 Maxtaping A (Single) M


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Information about LP #628 Maxtaping A (Single) M

LP #628 Maxtaping A offers long lasting protection and dynamic support to joints during motions, even when the joints are repeatedly bending and stretching.
Following an injury, proper application of Maxtaping A, in its unique 4-Arc pattern, can create an opposite shearing force to slowly, deeply massage damaged/stiff muscles and adjacent soft tissues, to stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow, relieve pain and support weak tissues and joints. 
The single piece pre-cut design allows athletes to quickly apply Maxtaping A and provides immediate protection.
Available sizes:
S (14cmx5cm)
M (18cmx5cm) 
L (22cmx5cm)
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