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Irimedadi Taila Oil

Irimedadi Taila Oil


Information about Irimedadi Taila Oil

Irimedadi Taila Oil contains Ayurvedic ingredients (Irimeda, Lavanga, Manjistha, Haridra, Gairika, Agaru, Lodhra, Yasti, Vata, Laksa, Jatiphala, Karpura, Kankola, Sveta Canada, Tila taila, Nagakeshara, Dhataki and Katphala).

Ayurvedic ingredients used in Irimedadi Taila Oil help in the treatment of dental pain and swelling. It provides fast and long term relief from toothache, swelling of gums, bleeding from the gums and pain from wisdom tooth. Irimeda is particularly useful in providing relief from pain and inflammation and controls bleeding from wounds, while Lavanga is a very effective in relieving tooth ache. Irimedadi Taila Oil gives provides fast and effective relief from toothache and bleeding.

Directions of use:
Gargle with Irimedadi Taila Oil on the affected tooth for fast relief.

Use under medical supervision.
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