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Insupen Ease Red Pen

Insupen Ease Red Pen

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Information about Insupen Ease Red Pen

INSUPen Ease Red Pen is a reusable insulin pen. It can deliver insulin doses from 1 unit (0.01mL) to 60 units (0.60 mL) in increments of 1 unit.
Use: INSUPen is to be used only with Biocon’s prefilled 3 mL
insulin cartridges:
- Insugen - R Refill
- Insugen - 30/70 Refill
- Insugen - 50/50 Refill
- Insugen - N Refill
- BASALOG Refill
Storage instructions/Handling:
- Always keep the device in the pen case
- Store away from moisture, dust, direct sunlight and places where the temperature may get too high or low
- When a Refill is inserted in INSUPen®, store INSUPen® at room temperature
- Do not apply lubrication on the device such as oil
- Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, water, bleach or any other solvent to clean the device
- Patients who require insulin for their blood glucose control
Safety information:
- Keep INSUPen® out of the reach and sight of children
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