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Information about Hydromax Lotion

Hydromax Lotion is composed of moist-24, Shea butter, Kokum butter and Squalene in lotion base having propyl glycol, cetyl stearate, water.

Hydromax Lotion is milky and nourishing in nature, it is easily absorbed in the skin and makes it soft and smooth. The lotion has maximum occlusion therefore leads to maximum hydration. It has a long lasting effect.
Shea butter is considered to be an excellent moisturizer which maintains & preserves the acid content.Shea butter is well tolerated by skin, it doesn?t trigger any allergic reactions. It acts as an inflammatory agent in various inflammatory skin disorders.
Squalene is a common lipid based moisturizing agent, it keeps the skin hydrated and moist by capturing the right amount of water in the skin. The other components aid in preventing skin damage, aging and dryness.

Hydomax lotion is used for dry and flaky skin.

Use under medical supervision

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