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    HB SET is indicated for the prevention and treatment of nutritional deficiency anaemia related to iron and folic acid. HB SET is also indicated for the prevention and treatment of anaemia in pregnancy and lactation.
    Ferrous ascorbate is a synthetic molecule of iron and ascorbic acid. The ferrous form is absorbed thrice as much as the ferric form of iron. There is no dissociation of ferrous ascorbate on entering the gastrointestinal (GI) tract due to the stable chelate of iron with ascorbate.
    Ascorbic acid reduces ferric iron to ferrous iron, which remains soluble even at neutral pH, and enhances the absorption of iron. It also inhibits the conversion of ferrous to ferric iron; this maintains the iron in highly soluble ferrous form, leads to increased absorption of iron and reduces the amount of free radicals generated, thereby minimizing adverse GI effects.
    Ascorbic acid has been shown to inhibit the effect of phytates, phosphates and oxalates on iron absorption by the formation of soluble iron ascorbate complexes and by inhibiting the formation of insoluble iron complexes.
    Folate is a water-soluble vitamin. Folate is critically important for growth and, for this reason, it is required in increased amounts during pregnancy. The need for dietary folate remains elevated after pregnancy and during lactation because of the transfer of the mother's vitamins to the breast milk. Folic acid is the form of the vitamin used in folate supplements.
    Use under Medical supervision only


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