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Hapdco Oleum Jecoris Trituration Tablet 6X

Hapdco Oleum Jecoris Trituration Tablet 6X


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25 gm Trituration Tablet

Information about Hapdco Oleum Jecoris Trituration Tablet 6X

A nutrient tonic, the remedy for liver and pancreatic complaints, this remedy is prepared from the oil of the Cod Liver fish.
Great remedy for extreme weakness, lassitude, reduction in strength of body leading to weight loss in infants, where hands, palms, and head are hot.
Useful for dry coughs worsening at night, with soreness in the chest region.
A cough with blood-stained sputum
A cough in irritable and miserable children
Can be given to children who cannot tolerate milk.
Pains in lower back, sacrum, elbows, knees.
Pain in region of liver with jaundice
Initial stages of tuberculosis of lungs
Palpitations accompany all other symptoms
Burning in palms
Dose- 4 tablets of Olem Jec twice a day each day for 3 months unless otherwise prescribed by physicians. Can be taken along with allopathic medicines. 
Side effects: None 
Maintain half an hour gap between food/drink/any other medicines and homeopathic medicine.
Avoid any strong smell in the mouth while taking medicine e.g. camphor, garlic, onion, coffee, hing. 
Use under medical supervision.
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