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Hamdard Roghan Labub-E-Saba

Hamdard Roghan Labub-E-Saba


Information about Hamdard Roghan Labub-E-Saba

Hamdard Roghan Labub-e-saba contains Kunjad Safaid Muqashshar, Tukhm – e-Khashkhash Safaid, Tukhm Kahu, Maghz Badam Shirin, Maghz Akhrot, Maghz Pista, Maghz Tukhm Tarbuz, Maghz Tukhm Kadu Shirin.

Benefits of Hamdard Roghan Labub-e-saba:
Hamdard Roghan Labub-e-saba is used for chronic insomnia, headaches and is an excellent cerebral tonic. Gives strength to the brain and eliminates dryness. Helps to induce better sleep.

Directions for Use:
Hamdard Roghan Labub-e-saba applies on the forehead, scalp, and massage for few minutes before retiring to bed.

Use under medical supervision.

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