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Gumex -S Mouth Wash

Gumex -S Mouth Wash

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Information about Gumex -S Mouth Wash

Gumex-S mouthwash is an antiseptic, astringent and an analgesic preparation. It is used in cases of gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding and spongy gums, pre-denture problems, tooth extraction, pre- and post orthodontic treatment, sore throat, ulcers and halitosis, etc.
Gumex-S mouthwash contains Potassium iodide, Iodine, Zinc phenol sulphonate, Tannic acid, Camphor, Clove oil, Menthol, Mentha oil, Thymol, Phenol and Glycerin solution.
Directions for use:  Take gumex-s on the fingertip and massage 2-3 times daily on the affected gum or as directed by the physician. You can massage, brush and gargle with Gumex mouthwash. For gargling, dilution ratio is: 1 teaspoonful of gumex in 20 ml of water.

Use under medical supervision.
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