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Product Details
Grocapix solution is an Hair re-growth & rejuvenation solution that provides nutrients to the hair roots and improves the hair growth. Grocapix solution is a hair loss formula developed using patented 4 amino acids rich in Biochanin A and contains Capixyl, a very effective ingredient for hair fall.
Capixyl is a natural product and contains biometric peptide and red clover. It induces the growth and also stops the conversion of testosterone to 5 DHT, which is the active form that causes hair fall or hair loss.
Properties of Grocapix Solution: 
Restores normal hair growth cycle
Stimulates dermal papilla ECM (Extracellular Matrix)
Improves hair follicle size, thickness and volume
Enhances overall hair quality
Direction of usage:
1. Rinse Scalp with a mild shampoo or clean the affected area with a wet towel
2. For Spray : Spray the solution on the affected area and Spread with Finger tips
3. For Dropper : Pour about 1 ml of Solution with the Dropper and apply on the affected are with the help of fingers
4. Wash hands with soap & water after each application
Note: Do Not use on skin that is red, painful, irritated, scraped, cut, or infected
Use under medical supervision


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