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    Product Details
    Gasease Tablet contains Alpha galactosidase which is a natural enzyme derived from Aspergillus niger.
    Gasease Tablet  breakdown food, enabling nutrients to be absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and is used as an aid to improve digestion and helps in acidity and bloating. Alpha Galactosidase helps digest complex sugar and fat. Without this enzyme, sugar-fat complexes can accumulate in the gut, and later in the rest of the body. Without enough alpha-galactosidase, the poorly digested sugar-fat can build up in the muscles and chambers of the heart, as well as the blood vessels, kidneys, and nervous system tissues. It also helps in addressing flatulence and discomfort caused due to gastrointestinal spasms. It also acts as a carminative and helps in removing gas. 
    Direction for use:
    Two tablets three times a day
    Use under medical supervision


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