Fluset Syrup

Fluset Syrup

60 ml Syrup

Information about Fluset Syrup

Flucet is a nutraceutical preparation fortified with iron indicated for treatment of nutritional anemia. Flucet contains carbonyl iron 25 mg, folic acid 500 mcg, vitamin B12 and zinc.
Carbonyl iron is the purest form of iron and is easily absorbed and assimilated. Folic acid in the body is converted to tetrahydrofolate, which helps in synthesis of nucleotides. Iron and folic acid together help in production and maturation of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is structurally similar to heamoglobin and helps in oxygenation.
Flucet is an ideal supplement for various nutritional deficiency anemias. Flucet can be used as a prophylactic in pregnancy and during lactation.

Directions of use
Take one teaspoonful twice a day

Use under medical supervision
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