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Exit Enema Liquid

Exit Enema Liquid


Information about Exit Enema Liquid

Exit enema is an anorectal preparation and as the name indicates is useful for easy passage of stools. The active ingredient in Exit Enema is sodium phosphate 16% w/v. Sodium phosphate acts as hyperosmotic saline laxative, it draws water into the intestine thereby stimulating peristalsis. Stools are normally passed within 5 to 10 mins of administration. Enemax can be used to clean the gastrointestinal tract prior to surgery or certain diagnostic procedures (like colonoscopy, radiography). It is not recommended for prolonged use as sodium phosphate may sometimes get systemically absorbed and cause some untoward effects. The plastic container (for administering the dose) has a soft nozzle with sufficient length which facilitates easy introduction of drug into the rectum.

Directions of use
Lie in left lateral position and gently insert the lubricated nozzle into the anal opening and squeeze the container till the solution is emptied into the rectum.

Use under medical supervision.
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