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    Ensi Atm Cream

    (50 GM Cream in tube)
    Ensi Atm Cream
    Product Details
    ENSI-ATM cream is an ‘anytime moisturizer’ cream for sensitive skin. The main ingredient is glycerin 15% w/w. 
    Role of key ingredients:
    Glycerin improves smoothness of the skin and provides lubrication. It helps binds water to the skin and prevents moisture loss. 
    ENSI-ATM is a moisturizing and emollient cream that smoothens and hydrates the skin. It forms a hydro-lipidic film on the surface of the skin, which provides protection and optimum hydration. ENSI-ATM cream penetrates rapidly without leaving the skin greasy and sticky.
    Directions of use:
    Apply in adequate amounts two or three time a day by gentle massage. 
    Use under medical supervision.


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