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Emoform R Toothpaste

Emoform R Toothpaste

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Information about Emoform R Toothpaste

Emoform R Toothpaste contains Calcium Carbonate and Potassium Nitrate as active ingredients. Emoform R Toothpaste is a Foaming Non- Fluoridated multifunctional toothpaste which helps to reduce teeth sensitivity and prevent plaque formation.

Key benefits/uses of Emoform R Toothpaste:
- Calcium Carbonate is an abrasive ingredient that gives toothpaste its cleaning power
- Potassium Nitrate is used to prevent cavities and to reduce pain from sensitive teeth 
- Used for Inflamed, bleeding gums and sensitive teeth
- Strengthens gums, reduces sensitivity
- Prevents plaque
- Gently treats sensitive teeth

Direction for use/Dosage:
- Brush with Emoform R Toothpaste for 1 minute at least twice a day

Storage instruction:
- Store in a dry and dark place away from sunlight

- Dental and oral care

Safety information:
- Not for medicinal use
- Keep out of the reach and sight of children
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