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Eleron Drop
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Information about Eleron Drop

Eleron drop contains Iron(III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex Eqv. to Elemental Iron
Eleron is superior to conventional ferrous salts because :
Eleron does not need to be converted to ferric form for binding to ferritin or transform. Being ferric salt, Eleron does not produce toxic free radicals & does not damage the cells ( which is common with ferrous salts).
Eleron is Ferric iron in non-ionic form hence does not need to be converted to soluble ferrous form in the gastric juice for absorption.
Being non-ionic Ferric Salt, Eleron does not cause gastritis, diarrhoea or gastric intolerance (which are the major side effects of Ferrous Salts) Eleron contains 100% elemental iron which is 3 times more than dried Ferrous Sulphate or Ferrous Fumarate (30 - 33 %). Eleron maintains regulated absorption hence chance of overdose is less. Vanilla flavoured Eleron Syrup is well accepted by pregnant ladies.
Eleron does not form insoluble complexes with food hence may be given before or after food,

Treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anaemia.

Eleron drop can be taken orally with water, after meals. 
Use under medical supervision.
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