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Divya  Churna

Divya Churna


Information about Divya Churna

Divya churna is a well known herbal remedy for the treatment of constipation. It consists of herbs for constipation that helps to stimulate the activity of the digestive organs and facilitate easy movement of waste material out of the body. Men and women suffering from chronic constipation may take this herbal cure for constipation.

Key ingredients:
Swarna Patri, Choti Haritaki, Mishreya, Sunthi, Gulab Phool, Saindhav namak and Kala dana.

Benefits of Divya Churna:
Relief in costipation
Activates intestines
Helps in total evacuation of bowel

1 teaspoonful or five grams may be taken everyday once in a day.

Use under medical supervision.

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