Diofer DS Tablet

Diofer DS Tablet


Information about Diofer DS Tablet

Diofer DS Tablet contains Ferrous fumarate, Vitamin B12, and Folic acid. Diofer DS Tablet supplements iron in the diet and helps in preventing or treating low levels of iron in the blood

Ferrous fumarate is a type of iron. Iron becomes a part of your hemoglobin and myoglobin . Hemoglobin carries oxygen through your blood to tissues and organs. Myoglobin helps your muscle cells store oxygen. Ferrous fumarate is an essential body mineral. It works by providing iron to the body.
Folic acid is essential to numerous bodily functions ranging from nucleotide biosynthesis to the remethylation of homocysteine. It is especially important during periods of rapid cell division and growth. Both children and adults require folic acid to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anemia.

Diofer DS Tablet is recommended in:
Iron Deficiency Anemia (a lack of red blood cells caused by having too little iron in the body).
Prophylaxis and treatment of iron deficiency states
For prophylaxis during pregnancy, a combination of iron and folic acid is usually recommended.

Directions of use
Adults and the elderly: Iron deficiency anaemia - 1 tablet two to three times a day; prophylaxis - 1 tablet once or twice a day.

Use under medical supervision.

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