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Dex Z CP Powder
35 gm Powder

Information about Dex Z CP Powder

DEX Z CP Powder is an electrolyte which contains  anhydrous dextrose, sucrose , zinc sulphate , ascorbic acid.
Dextrose is the monomer of natural starch polymer. This monomer is also the natural physiological sugar in the human body.In its crystalline form this doubly natural sugar has long been used both as a filler for oral dosage forms and as a sweetener.
Dextrose anhydrous is a kind of carbohydrate which can be directly absorbed to replenish thermal energy. It is the main energy resource of human body which is oxidized to carbon dioxide and water and supply human body with energy reserved in the shape of glycogen and fat.
Dextrose in DEX Z CP Powder can promote the detoxification of liver and protect liver. It is mainly used to replenish thermal energy and body fluid when lots of body fluids are lost, in cases of weakness and malnutrition, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.
Use under medical supervision
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