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Depiderm Soin Intensif Lotion

Depiderm Soin Intensif Lotion

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Information about Depiderm Soin Intensif Lotion

Depiderm Lotion contains Licorice extract, Copper chelating agent, Nicotinamide, Green tea extract, Vectorised vitamin C, AHA + BHA, Stearyl glycyrrhetinate, and Titanium Dioxide. These effective and unique ingredients combine to give Depiderm Lotion its anti-pigmentation properties. 
Role of key ingredients:
Licorice Extract has a depigmenting action
Nicotinamide decreases hyperpigmentation
Copper Chelating Agent has a synergestic action with Licorice extract
AHA+BHA removes depigmented corneocytes and has a keratoregulator effec
Vitamin C has Anti-oxidant activity
Green Tea Extract has Synergistic action with vectorised Vitamin C
Stearyl Glycyrrhentinate is an excellent anti-inflammatory 
Titanium dioxide prevents secondary inflammation
The lotion is generally used for Intensive skin depigmenting care, Melasma, Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as well as removing brown spots related to pigmentation disorders and prevents their formation. 
Directions of use:
Apply twice daily after a bath, for two months on the affected areas for maximum effect. 
Use under Medical supervision.
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