Corvit M Tablet
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10 tablets

Information about Corvit M Tablet

CORVIT M TABLET contains Mecobalamin , Thiamine,Niacinamide, D-Panthenol, Riboflavin phosphate , Pyridoxine,  Folic acid , Biotin , Lysine and Zinc.
Vitamin B12 is the common name for a nutrient known scientifically as methylcobalamin. It's used as a dietary supplement and to treat certain anemias.Vitamin B12 plays an important role in helping the body make red blood cells.
· Used in anemia due to B12-deficiency conditions
· Used in the complex therapy for iron and posthemorrhagic anemia
· Can be used for treating Down Syndrome and Peripheral Nerve injury
· Used in skin diseases (psoriasis, photodermatosis, herpetiformis dermatitis, neurodermatitis).

Use under medical supervision.
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