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Information about Coc Cream

COC Cream is the safest way to lighten the skin tone. It contains Kojic acid, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. All these constituents act together to block melanin pigments and help in skin lightening effects.
Key Benefits of COC Cream:
Kojic acid reduces melanin production in the deeper layers of the skin and has been proven to be safe and effective in brightening and whitening skin discoloration.
Vitamin C rejuvenate & protect skin, supports growth and repair processes in tissues.
Vitamin E confers occlusive and emollient effects to keep the skin moisturized. It anti-oxidizing properties helps in healing the sunburns and irritation of the skin.
Directions for use:
Take small quantity of cream and rub on face in circular motion till it disappears and dry completely.
Use this cream every time you wash your face to notice visible effects.
Use under medical supervision

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