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    (30 tablets in strip)
    Product Details
    Clearliv Tablet is a Green Milk research for liver protection. It contains Eranda moola, Bhuimiamalaki, Maka, Punarnava moola, Guduchi, Gokshura moola , Sharapunkha moola, Nilini patra, Athivisha, Bhunumba, Manjistha, Haritaki, and Haridra .

    It provides triple benefits to liver, it conserves the liver, controls liver damage and corrects liver functions. It contains herbal extract that regenerates the liver cells and protects them from damage and cell death. It also corrects the inflammatory liver disease due to bacteria viruses and toxins. Clearliv tablet also clears the harmful metabolites of alcohol that may damage the liver cells. It improves the appetite and sense of well-being and it can be co prescribed with other drugs as well.

    Clearliv Tablet is indicated for the management of liver dysfunctions which may occur due to alcoholic liver damage, viral hepatitis, liver damage due to drugs, acute and chronic hepatitis. It is safe in children as well as in pregnancy.

    Directions for use:
    Two tablets, twice daily or as directed by the physician.

    Use under medical supervision.


    Content on this page was last updated on 08 March, 2017, by Dr. Varun Gupta (MD Pharmacology)