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    Cital H Tablet

    (60 tablets in strip)
    Cital H Tablet
    Product Details
    Cital H tablet is an Ayurvedic formulation enriched with Pashanabheda, Varuna, Punarnava, Shilapushpa, Gokshura, Yavakshar, Guggul. It is naturally safe DHT inhibitor that supports prostate health and urinary function without the side effects. Cital H harnesses the power of Phytoplex Technology to support healthy urinary  flow and volume.
    Key Benefits of Cital H:
    Protect Prostate Health & Function
    A Natural Safe DHT Inhibitor
    Without Side Effects such as: Erectile Dysfunction, Decreased Libido and Postural Hypotension
    Reduces Prostate Inflammation
    Reduces Urinary Frequency or Hesitancy
    Ensures Complete Bladder Voiding
    Reduces Urine Leaking & Associated Pain
    Dosage:As directed by the Physician
    Use under medical supervision


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