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Caldlite Lotion
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60 ml Lotion

Information about Caldlite Lotion

Caldlite Lotion is composed of Calamine, Diphenhydramine and Camphor. Caldlite helps heal an irritated skin, reduces sweat, moisture, pus and other fluid accumulation. This helps in reducing the swelling and prevents germs from breeding in the affected area
Caldlite reduces redness and itching and forms a physical barrier over the affected area. This prevents any harmful substance from coming in direct contact with skin, thus accelerating the healing process.

Caldlite provides a cooling sensation on application and is effective against prickly heat, insect bites, sunburns and skin irritations.

Directions for use:
Wash the affected area thoroughly with water.
Dab Caldlite lightly on the affected area using cotton or fingers.
It should not be rubbed into the skin and it should be ensure that the lotion has dried before covering the affected area.

Use under medical supervision
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