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    Calaminol Lotion

    (100 ml Lotion in bottle)
    Calaminol Lotion
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    Calaminol is a soothing astringent liniment, containing Calamine. It has mild antiseptic and anti pruritic properties with soothing action and thus it gives relief from various irritable conditions of skin.As a soothing antipruritic and astringment,Calaminol is used in dry eczema, urticaria, nappy rash and all forms of dermatitis and various irritable conditions of the skin.
    Role of key ingredients: 
    Calamine relieves roughness,irritation,itching,dryness,rashes, and dermatitis.
    Calaminol is useful for removal of blemishes from the face or any other part of the body.
    Directions for use:

    Calaminol is to be applied on the affected skin with a piece of Cotton wool three times a day or more till the normal texture of the skin is restored.
    Use under medical supervision.


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