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Bioforce Blooume 10 Dermasan Drop

Bioforce Blooume 10 Dermasan Drop

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Information about Bioforce Blooume 10 Dermasan Drop


Indication: For the relief from various forms of skin diseases like Psoriasis,. Scaly eczema, allergic eczema, eczema with moist secretions and cracks, eczema of the scalp.


Adults: 20 drops in a tablespoon of water, 1/2 an hour before eating, 3 to 5 times daily.

Children: Half the adult dose.

Or as directed by the physician.

One of the Important Indications of each Ingredient is :

Bellis Perennis 3x Reduces oozing from Eczema and other skin infections.

Berberis Aquifolium 1x Reduces falling of scales in psoriasis.

Lappa Major 2x Reduces itching in cases of Eczema and other skin diseases.

Rhus Toxicodendron 30x Reduces burning in skin infections in cases of eczema and other skin diseases.

Solidago Virgaurea 1x Reduces oedema caused due to skin infections.

Spilanthes Oleracea 2x Reduces inflammation and redness in skin infections.

Vinca Minor 3x Relieves excessive itching of scalp associated with eczema.

Viola tricolor 2x Reduces discharges in cases of wet eczema.

Use under medical supervision.

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