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Information about Atopiclair Lotion

Atopiclair Lotion contains glycyrrhetinic acid, vitamins C and E, shea butter, telmesteine, Vitis vinifera, and hyaluronic acid. Atopiclair lotion is used to treat eczema.
Shea butter and hyaluronic acid in the Atopiclair Lotion help in repairing the skin barrier by hydrating it and providing essential lipids to the skin. Telmesteine, Vitis vinifera and the vitamins possess antioxidant properties that help protect the skin barrier. Glycyrrhetinic acid relieves skin burning and itching owing to its anti-inflammatory effects. 
Atopiclair Lotion is useful for treating atopic dermatitis that is mild or moderate in children as it can relieve associated symptoms such as burning, dry skin, and itchiness. The atopic dermatitis lotion is particularly useful against remission of the condition and prevents repeated outbreaks. 
Directions of use:
Apply Atopiclair Lotionn uniformly over the affected skin area.
Use under Medical supervision.
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