Athpha Syrup

Athpha Syrup

of200 ml Syrup

Information about Athpha Syrup

Athpha syrup is a dietary supplement which promotes proper digestion by accelerating the digestion process in a balanced manner. It enriches with Alpha amylase, Fungal diastase and Pepsin. 
Role of  key ingredients:
Alpha amylase breaks down oligosaccharides, prevents fermentation by bacteria, hence no gas formation.
Pepsin is an enzyme that breaks down proteins into smaller peptides. It is produced in the stomach and is one of the main digestive enzymes in the digestive systems of humans and many other animals, where it helps digest the proteins in food. Pepsin exhibits excellent digestion power. Pepsin help in digestive disturbance.
Fungal Diastase is a digestive enzyme that helps in Carbohydrate Digestion. It helps in digestion of starch, carbohydrates, fats & Proteins. Fungal diastase is used as digestive aid in case of loss of appetite due to chronic illness, stomach fullness and indigestion.
Balancing and regulating normal digestion in stomach and intestine. 
Helps in protein breakdown. 
In Dyspepsia, Anorexia, Obstinate Vomiting. 
Give soothing effect on stomach.
Dosage:  As directed by the Physician
Use under Medical supervision.
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