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Arthrill Message Oil

Arthrill Message Oil


Information about Arthrill Message Oil

Arthrill massage oil is an analgesic massage oil that provides relief from pain associated with Traumatic tears of muscles (strains), ligaments, Tendon inflammations Tennis / Golfer elbow, arthritic pain in joints and back, Rotator cuff lesions. It also helps in reducing pain and inflammation, joint or back pain.

Arthrill massage oil contains Camphor, Menthol, Capsacin and Oil of winter green. Capsaicin lowers a chemical that causes pain while Menthol provides cooling, soothing and local anesthetic effect.

Directions for use:
Apply to the affected area, spread and gently massage the arthrill oil twice and thrice daily.
Avoid exposure to air or cold atmosphere at least for 2 hours after application of the oil massage thrice daily.

Use under medical supervision.
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