Alfapsin Tablet

Alfapsin Tablet

10 tablets

Information about Alfapsin Tablet

Alfaspin Tablet contains proteolytic enzyme Trypsin and Chymotrypsin. Alfaspin Tablet speeding up certain reaction in the body and used to reduce redness, swelling of body parts which are produced after various types of bacterial or fungal or parasitic infections, ulcers, surgery and various injuries like burns and wounds.
Alfaspin Tablet is used to reduce redness and swelling associated with pockets of infection (abscesses), ulcers, surgery, or traumatic injuries and it also helps loosen phlegm in asthma, bronchitis, lung diseases, and sinus infections
Direction for use:
Alfaspin Tablets can be taken orally two times a day with hot or cold water after meals.
Use under medical supervision
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