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ADEL Coccus C Dilution 200CH
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Information about ADEL Coccus C Dilution 200CH

Coccus cacti Dilution is a homeopathic medicine containing cochineal meant for various purpose. The main use of spasmodic and whooping coughs, and catarrhal conditions of the bladder; spasmodic pains in kidneys, with visceral tenesmus. Anuria, anasarca, ascites.

Coccus cacti treatment for Mind ailments: Early morning or afternoon sadness.
Coccus cacti treatment for Head ailments: Suboccipital soreness; worse after sleep and exertion. Headache, worse from lying on back, better with the head high. Dull pain over right eye in morning. Sensation of a foreign body between upper lid and eyeball. Distress from cinders lodged in eye.
Coccus cacti treatment for Respiratory ailments: Constant hawking from enlarged uvula; coryza, with inflamed fauces; accumulation of thick viscid mucus, which is expectorated with great difficulty. Tickling in larynx. Sensation of a crumb behind larynx, must swallow continually; brushing teeth causes cough. Fauces very sensitive. Suffocative cough; worse, first waking, with tough, white mucus, which strangles. Spasmodic morning cough. Whooping cough attacks end with vomiting of this tough mucus. Chronic bronchitis complicated with gravel; large quantities of albuminous, tenacious mucus, are expectorated. Walking against wind takes breath away.
Coccus cacti treatment for Heart ailments: Sensation as if everything were pressed toward the heart.
Coccus cacti treatment for Urinary ailments: Urging to urinate; brick-red sediment. Urinary calculi, haematuria, urates, and uric acid; lancinating pains from kidney to bladder. Deep-colored, thick urine. Dysuria.
Coccus cacti treatment for Female ailments: Menses too early, profuse, black and thick; dark clots, with dysuria. Intermittent menstruation; flow only in evening and at night. Large clots escape when passing water. Labiainflamed.

Use under medical supervision.
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