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(100 GM bar in packet)
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Product Details
Acne-Aid Bar contains Sulphonated Surfactant Blend. Acne-Aid Bar special soap base made up of Heavy Molecular Weight fatty acids that do not penetrate the skin. It is excellent deep cleansing property oil control formulation. Acne-Aid Bar suits all skin types. 
Acne-Aid Bar aid in the management of acne and any condition where greasy skin predominates. 
Benefits of Acne-Aid Bar:
Gentle degreasing and effective skin cleansing No perfume, coloring or abrasives
Highly effective cleansing power
Suitable for pimple-prone and oily skin conditions
Directions of Use:
Make a lather with warm water and massage into the affected skin using the finger tips or a facecloth. 
Rinse and repeat as necessary.
Use under medical supervision


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